The Faculty of Sport Sciences was founded in the 1992 Academic Year as a department with “Physical Education and Sport department” name under the Faculty of Sciences and Literature. it gave first graduates in 1995-1996 academic year.

After a decision accepted in 1997, it was renamed the School of Physical Education and Sports, last decision accepted in 2014, it was created Faculty of Sports Sciences by YOK( Higher Education Committee)

Our Mission;

The mission of our Faculty is to provide high-quality education for candidates. In addition the aim of our faculty is increase quality of life of community by investigating in sport fields.

Also, the purpose of our Faculty is find, apply and improve required methods for train modern educators.

Academic units of Faculty;

Faculty Of Sport Sciences has four departments; Physical Education And Sport Teaching, Sports management, Trainer education and Recreation.

Education period is 8 semesters in all departments.  Education language is Turkish.

Academic Staffs

There are 1 Professor, 9 associate professors, 10 assistant professors and 4 research assistant at the faculty as of 2015.

Administrative Staffs

There are 1 faculty secretary, 1 dean secretary, 2 chancellery officials, 1 financial affairs and purchasing official, 1 secretary of teaching department, 1 secretary of trainer education department, 1 secretary of sports management, 1 student affairs chief, 1 sport halls responsible, 6 servants at the faculty as of 2015.

Our faculty has 11 classroom, 1 massage hall, 1 ping pong hall, grass field, cinder track, 1 multipurpose sports hall, 1 gym hall, step-aerobic hall, tennis courts, 1 artificial ice rink. There are vey activities like mountaineering, tennis, ski, swimming, folk dances, boxing, camp and hiking at the faculty. In addition there is a lot of sport team which represent our university.